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Spur-winged Goose

Plectropterinae gambensis
body length weight top speed (flying) feels like
3'3" 13.2lb 88.2mph 158.8mph

The Spur-winged Goose, (Plectropterus gambensis), is a large bird in the family Anatidae, related to the geese and the shelducks, but distinct from both of these in a number of anatomical features, and therefore treated in its own subfamily, the Plectropterinae. It occurs in wetlands throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Adults are 75-115 cm (30-45 in) long and weigh on average 4-6.8 kg (8.8-15 lbs), and sometimes up to 7 kg (22 lbs), with males much larger than the females. They are the largest African waterfowl and are, on average, the world’s largest “goose”. They are mainly black, with a white face and large white wing patches. The long legs are flesh-coloured.

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Imagine what it's like for a tiny insect to jump and fly as quickly as they do. They might cover 40 body lengths in a second. To a six-foot person that's 164 mph. This site tries to understand how it feels to move like a fly, a squirrel, a cat, a rhinocerous, or a falcon.

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Spur-winged Goose Spur-winged Goose
Plectropterinae gambensis
top speed 88.2 mph
feels like 158.8 mph

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